Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

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Re: Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds
illy wrote:

i've seen no trolling in this thread, just a discussion on the information from various websites and opinions on where Olympus might be heading.

I agree, illy. It's a shame when honest criticism is confused with trolling. On one hand when complaints are made, the complainers are denigrated as trolls. On the other hand, when a new body comes out that satisfies the complaints of the so-called trolls, it's a huge and instant success, and the same ones that tout such success are the ones that claimed no such improvements were necessary. Such has been the case with the E-5 and certainly the OMD.

Ricardo was constantly denounced and abused for complaining about the dated E-5 sensor. Now look at how many people are anxiously awaiting the sensor from the OMD to be incorporated in a new Four Thirds body. Much the same can be said concerning autofocus and other concerns.

It seems to me that Olympus users would be better served to be more vocal about that which would improve the brand rather than keeping silent to placate fragile egos. If market share is key to a thriving brand, Olympus will be forced to keep up with the technological status quo. If their new Four Thirds compatible body proves to be behind the curve by the time it is released, we'll be in the same or worse boat than we are right now, as we are steadily losing long time users.

To me that is the worse insult of all.  The fact is that so many people that were attracted to DSLR photography by the terrific value that entry-level Olympus products have provided have felt forced to migrate to other brands, leaving those of us left with this present situation. Anyone who is naive enough to blame "trolls" for that are definitely getting what they deserve.


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