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I love Amazon, except for 2 issues:

1. They now are charging sales taxes in my state (Texas).

You are legally required to pay sales tax on items you purchase online even if the retailer does not collect it. Not doing so is tax fraud.

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I'm not sure if your response was about Texas in particular but there is currently a tax loophole where Internet purchased made across state lines are not subject to sales tax unless that dealer has a physical presence (retail outlet, warehouse) in the purchasers state, only then will the purchaser have to pay sales tax. "Physical Presence" Is kind of a grey term that has been subject to manipulation and interpretation.

I don't know about Texas, but for California at least the loophole is not that the purchase is not subject to sales tax, it is that the vendor is not required to collect it. If the vendor does not collect it, the *purchaser* is supposed to pay it to the state themselves. Of course, most people don't do this, but that is actually what the law requires.

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Correct on both points. If you purchase something on line and the retailer doesn't collect sales tax, youre REQUIRED, BY LAW to report said amount that you weren't taxed on and pay said state sales tax. The reason people are confused about this is 1: They have been filling out their taxes all along and either A: Didn't realize there was a box that specifically asked them to report it, or B: Didn't care to report it and are now mad that 2: Places like Amazon who have warehouses in certain states are now required to collect the tax because too many people were cheating the system and they can no longer cheat the system.

I buy the majority of my equipment from Amazon as their prices are usually lower and I have prime membership so my items ship free in 2 days or less.

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