EPSON PRO 3880 calibration

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Can someone help me calibrate my EPSON pro 3880. What should I do.. please Help

You cannot calibrate your Epson 3880. You can calibrate you monitor and you can create paper profiles for each paper you use on your printer, but you cannot calibrate the printer.

Calibrating the monitor involves using a colorimeter or photospectrometer 'puck' in conjunction with software to measure the responses of your monitor. The calibration software tells your monitor/graphics card to put out pure red, the puck measures the red, and decides what value it has to tell the monitor to put out so that it actually produces a pure red.

It then builds a look up table (LUT) of data to use to translate input values to create the correct output values on the screen. This is stored as a profile on your system.

Profiling paper for your printer is a similar process. You print a sheet of know color patches. Use a colorimeter to measure each of the patches. And eventually a profile is created and stored on your computer, so that when you use that paper you can use that profile to get the correct colors printed.

If you are using OEM inks, then whoever made the paper will normally supply ICC profiles for that paper and a range of printers, like the 3880. Look at the big paper company sites: Hahnemuhle, Canson-Infinity, Ilford, Museo, Red River, Moab, Innnova, etc, etc. If you are using Epson paper, then the profiles for their paper will have been loaded when you intalled the driver.

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I ditto everything you have stated!

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