Is it time to give up on Olympus?

Started Feb 1, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Moonman52, which works better?

Which lens is better, the Olympus 14-54 F/2.8-F/3.5 II zoom or the Fuji kit lens you mentioned?

I don't think you understand what the Olympus plan has been for a few years now.   They already make some of the best and fastest (aperture) zooms on the planet, so work on the primes that are missing (and primes are better but less convenient) while developing a camera that can use all the lenses.

Personally, I pick a system by the lenses because they last a lifetime.  Go ahead and switch if you want, but next year when there is a new OMD that works with the Olympus 12-60mm lens, you will be kicking yourself.

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