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Re: In for 3

ragmanjin wrote:

Is that at the Tecate brewery? Love that stuff...I wouldn't have been complaining if Tecate caught on as Mexico's beer rather than Corona.

Also, beauty bokeh in the second shot. That SX40 is quite the camera

Thanks Ragmanjin. No, not Tecate brewery, but a large OXXO store (like a 7-11) in Puerto Vallarta. It's common for a store to have a pretty young woman out front to entice us guys to buy their cerveza..works for me..lol. They have Corona girls, Bud Light girls, Modelo girls, etc. Cute story: while I was talking to this girl and getting her permission to take her photo, a school bus was at the light and filled with young boys about 10-12 years old hanging out the windows. They were waving at her and she blew some kisses to them..lol, a pubescent moment for sure as those boys had big smiles on their face. All innocent and it gave me a laugh.

Btw, first two were from my Kodak 915 p&sh, and the last from my SX40. Thanks again.

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