The no lens hood epidemic

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Re: Earth to marike6... a real-world observation! NOT!

Zone8 wrote:

NoWhereToHide wrote: In case you don't know this...

A business needs to make some profits in order to stay in business to provide you with the products you crave.

Yes indeed but that is no excuse for not including a lenshood. After all, if the lenshood is considered worth having to hopefully reduce flare (meaning it IS in fact, part of the design!) .... then it is surely part of the lens itself and should either be built in or supplied. I just cannot accept your observation as being valid - the lens pricing - already high in many cases - should include any essential accessory. If it is not optically essential - then why should it be wanted at all - apart from, as many have stated, for protection purposes rather than to help eliminate flare. Companies always price anything to make a profit - so that could easily be applied to the actual price of any lens and hood combination, which it has been for many years from most reputable manufacturers.

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That is your arguement?

Pretty lame, really.

Why don't the camera makers give us memory cards with the cameras since they are required to take photos with digital cameras?

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