Need help with camera settings on my 3Ti

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Re: Need help with camera settings on my T3i

ammac12 wrote:

Thanks for all the great responses.

The subjects were all standing still. There may be a nervouse sway or hand movement, but that shouldn't be in all the pics. I didn't overdose on coffee this morning, so maybe I didn't shake too much! That and the lens is the IS version. I am a bit reluctant to set my ISO at 1600. From all I've read on forums, the T3i is average at best with high ISO. I guess I need to see for myself and just do it! As for RAW, I definitely plan to make the move from Jpeg in the future. I need to read up on PP of RAW before I start uploading pics.

Well, it sounds like I am close with my settings. The meter showed properly exposed to slightly over exposed as I was looking through my viewfinder. Hopefully, I will have something to work with. I will post some pics when I get the chance.


Never hesitate to use High ISO.  It's a lot more useful if you have to remove noise, if you really have to, than to come up with useless blurry images. If your images are merely posted online, a reduction in size of an image removes a lot of noise. If you print, you would be surprised how clean a 18x12 print is compared to looking at it on the screen.  Don't judge an image from a 100% magnified image on the screen.

T2i - ISO 3200

T4i - ISO 6400

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