Which accessories would you recommend for the V1?

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Re: Weight of the grip?

xarafan wrote:

@Jared: the Fotodiox Pro-grip for the V1 is 80g. Its a lot of weight extra imho. I would have bought the V2 because of the better grip and the lighter body, but the price is stil way too high. The metal grip is nice with access to battery en sd-card, but I find the metal a bit slippery. The official Nikon V1-grip should give better grip, but it's double the price.

Thanks xarafan and Jonikon. Every time I am tempted by this grip, I have to reconsider, what's the point if it forces me away from my original purpose of getting a lighter camera over my compact dSLR?

There are two paths to better grip. A large protrusion which requires a claw-like curl of the fingers (like this one), or improved friction through the use of textured material. For now, I'm perfectly happy with my half-case which provides a leather-like textured bump with practically no weight penalty. I use the case for added protection so that I can set it down on any surface without worrying about marring the finish underneath - useful during hiking or cycling.

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