Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....


I'm a former owner of an SD950IS, and just bought a second one, because I missed having one.

I'm really surprised at your comments about the Sony RX100.  First, not all the I-R comparitor shots are posters.  The "still life" with the bottles, crayons and fabric panels is shot live.  You can tell, as the objects sometimes move a little from camera to camera.  Second, I think the shots with the mannekin are also shot live, for the same reason.  The "house" and the resolution charts are posters.

Before posting here, I did visit the I-R comparitor and compared the SD950IS to the RX100.  Other than image size, the SD950IS does well in comparison at ISO 100.  But at ISO 400, the RX100 is far better in terms of noise.  Further, I don't see any real difference in contrast.  In the past I have made a lot of camera comparisons on my own, and have always found that the I-R shots correspond well to my own findings.  So why are your results so different?

Have you looked at I-R's EXIF data to see hown they set the RX100?  It might be worth duplicating their settings to see what you get.  You might also consider two other possibilities.  1) the camera is defective, and 2) it's not a genuine Sony.

I also have the G15, and one of the factors in my decision to get the G15 was a comparison to the RX100.  Both are CMOS; but I felt the G15 gave better looking images at higher ISO.  That has since been bourne out in use.  The G15, delivers crisp looking images at ISO 800 and 1600.  I have only shot JPEGs with the G15 so far, and right away found that it needed +1 step of in camera sharpening; but so does the SD950IS.

As to what to buy next, I have a couple of suggestions.  I sold my first SD950IS after comparing it to my S90.  First, the S90 was quite soft at default, so I added one or two steps of in-camera sharpening.  The S95 has the same processor, sensor, and lens; but has higher levels of default sharpening and contrast, so it looks crisper.  The big differences between the S90 and SD950IS were much less noise at higher ISO, and higher dynamic range in the S90.  Much less prone to highlight clipping.  Making borderless 8.5" x 11" prints from both cameras, I cannot see any difference with my reading glasses on at ISO 100.  With a strong magnifying glass, the SD950IS does resolve a little more fine detail because of the extra 2 MP.  At ISO 400 the prints still look the same to the naked eye; but with a normal magnifying glass you can see more shadow noise on the SD950IS; but still slightly more fine detail.  From 400 up, the S90 rules.

If you decide to sell the Sony, I can suggest a couple of alternatives.  An S95 is one, the G15 is the other.  My G15 does fit in a shirt pocket; but I sure wouldn't put it in a pants pocket because of the stress when you sit.  However, I find that since I got the G15, I'm using the S90 a lot less.

The S90/95 needs a front grip just as the RX100 does.  I used a Franiec grip on mine and it makes a huge difference.

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