insight on Leica M5

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Re: M6 is best ever film Leica

jedinstvo wrote:

The M5 is a good camera, no question. But for not all that much more you can buy an M6. Best light meter in a camera, very reliable, great ergonomics. I see the price is dropping on them on eBay. While I have no problem with the M5, I'd say wait a while and save some more money for an M6.

Jim: Thanks- I respect your advice & insight and - I'll follow your advice and pass. This my first Leica thus I would rather a metered camera (M5/M6) but worse case if I find a M2 or M4 thats a far price Ill do it. I dont care what they look like, just need the range finder & mechanics to be sound... If you run across a decent L film camera- let me know-dan

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