Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

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Re: hope this means that they are working on something BIG and as carefully thought out

Mr.NoFlash wrote:

erichK wrote:

Olympus has recently been very strategic - even wise- with their camera product releases, but these have also been quite sparse. Let's hope this means that they are working on something BIG and as carefully thought out as the OM-D was.

I value your positive post, but my opinion is:

There are many people who want this or that, and this also, better AF, better x y z, but I would say:

* Oly's development capacities are constrained

I dont know about that, the miniaturization of their technology, combined with their lens development etc. They have shown a lot of interesting ideas, from the incredible development of their CDAF, which even SOny cant seem to quite match, to their new 5 axis ibis, for both video and stills (and visible in the viewfinder)... their m43rds lens developments show real promise with incredible size reductions (45mm f1.8, 12mm f2, 75mm f1.8 etc) and interesting lends design (snap focus for 17mm and 12mm).

* Also the AF, the live view, the Antishake, Antidust, all and everything of the E-5 and E-30 are just good. not perfect but good.

I mentioned here once that the long term use of the older panasonic sensor could very well mean big changes to the sensor etc. And the OMD shows up with a brand new sensor, AMD image stabilization system.

So I would imagine the work olympus is doing to improve AF on their CDAF systems, combined with a solution to their CAF problems is probably moving forward with working on improved tracking algorithms etc.

So, I would honestly predict a new flagship with a lot more than just a new sensor. The OMD at $1000, weather sealed etc. leaves a lot of room for a $1700 product, which they know is now competing against FF products for a marginal increase in price.

* We can expect and I simply would like all the features and the body of the E-5 or E-30 combined with the new sensor and the current m43 signal and image processing. Nothing else.

I hope we are all surprised, and I expect to be. I feel many here want big changes very quickly, these products are more gradual, but they also have lifespans, so the AF array form the E-3 has been tweaked through the E3-30-5 and will now be overhauled. Part of the reasoning for doing this will be the exposure m43rds users will give them, especially if it is a standout camera like the OMD.

Either way, I will be happy to get fully functional AF on my lenses again, as I have been using them with my m43rds bodies for a year now.


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