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Re: AF switch, turn off, hmmm....

AvyMan wrote:

AF switch: I shoot roughly 50-50 hand held and on a tripod. For tripod shots I'm in the habbit of turning off the AF, even with "smart" lenses where they say you don't have to.

Do you feel you get sharper focus doing it this way, or are you old school enough that you derive pleasure doing it the old way ? What type of focusing screen do you use in your camera, stock, or have you changed it to a different one? In my SLR days I became very fond of the split spot focus screen since it was easier for me to see when I had sharp focus on close up or macro work. Can't see spending $50 for a replacement to get it in the T4i I now have.

I'm slowly learning to get in the habbit of turning the AF back on when I remove the camera from the tripod. There were too many times that I've thought the AF stopped working (or blew a particular shot from camera shake) only to realize I'd forgotten to turn it back on. I know, I'm slow.

Lens hood and wind: If it's not needed to block glare, I'll take the lens hood off when shooting in the wind, either tripod or hand held. The hood acts like a big sail to catch the wind, especially on the larger, longer lenses where you need to be even more steady. Obviously this doesn't matter much on something like the 10-22mm.

Makes good sense to me. A little bit can make a difference.

"Shoe Goo": It was hard getting a good grip on my center-pinch lens caps, especially with cold, dry fingers or thin gloves. I used Shoe Goo to solve the problem. Any other thick glue would probably work too. Put a drop or two where you pinch to release the cap, use a toothpick to spread it out and pull it up into little spikes (parallel to the cap itself) and let it dry. This worked great to create a non-slip surface.

If I ever do get a lens cap like you've described I hope I remember this tip.

Nick, thanks for your feedback and input. There has been several good responses to this thread.

Maybe I should have titled this From the school of hard knocks, your personal experiences and solutions ? I was intending to get more of these type solutions to problems you encounter and how you solved them. My purpose or intent was not expressed very well in the original topic line. My mistake. Still a lot of helpful and valuable information from everyone who took time to answer my request.

I hope more individuals respond. The least experienced of us may have found a solution to a common problem that is unique and helpful to many.

Let's hope the spring season has some serious snow for the mountains. Two years with small snowpac will make for a long, dry summer and another year of sparse wildflowers. 

Thanks again, Mike


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