If not Aperture, then what are you using on your Mac?

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Re: If not Aperture, then what are you using on your Mac?

Yes. When I first started doing my experimentation Aperture 2 was the latest, and I tried every adjustment I could find. I really love mac applications and definitely wanted to make Aperture work if possible. It did not do the trick for me. The biggest downfall (if I remember correctly) was that it could not send the RAW files to an external editor without first converting them to TIFF, which kind of defeats the purpose of RAW.  I eagerly awaited Aperture 3 in 2010 and tried it as well but it was no better. I suppose there have been improvements in the past two years and I should try it again, but now that it is on the app store only there is no trial version.

What I found with Aperture's own RAW conversion was that I could get excellent results, but could not really match what the Nikon SW produced. I could get as close as I wanted for any one shot, but the resulting settings were not typically correct for other shots. So there was no universal RAW preset that I could compose for my needs.

Has it improved much in the past two years?

Is the most recent version able to send and receive RAW to an external editor?

I did read somewhere that there is a switch now that tells it to use the embedded jpeg previews rather than creating its own previews, but I think that it's unfortunately only for browsing, and if you actually open the image full size or extract or mail it it still uses it's own Apple jpeg. This may be good for some RAW formats, but NIkon has a full resolution jpeg embedded in the NEF already. I think it is the fact that this is unique to Nikon that SW manufacturers overlook it.

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