Need help with camera settings on my 3Ti

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Re: Need help with camera settings on my 3Ti

ammac12 wrote:

So I just attended a school play for one of my children. Like a good dad, I brought my camera to capture the moment. The problem is, I am not confident that my settings will develop adequate pics. I am looking for some input on how you would set your camera in a similar situation.

I was about 10 rows back. Audience seating was dark, while the stage was some-what lit. When any child came up to perform, they were better lit than their sitting position. In respect for the performer and audience, I left my flash in the bag. I was shooting with my Canon 70-200 f4 and left it wide open. I set my SS between 1/25 - 1/50 and ISO at 400 or 800. I was using evaluative metering, auto wb and toggled between high iso noise red and standard. I will not know how the pics turned out until tonight. By review, the appear okay, but again, I'm not confident. How would you have done it?

I would have started with ISO 1600, f/4, taken a test shot, looked at the histogram and adjusted from there.  I think that 1/25 - 1/50 is not fast enough for a breathing subject even if the lens has IS.  The IS helps handholding shake but not subject movement.  Looking forward to seeing your results.

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