Hairline Scratch on Lens

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Re: Hairline Scratch on Lens

KentG wrote:

As a professional optics cleaner I can tell you the only thing worse than a really dirty lens is one that has been cleaned too often. Most lens coatings these days are pretty indestructable. It is no big deal to clean it with almost anything in an emergency, except sandpaper :^). Get a microfiber cloth and stick it in your camera bag. It is the best for quick cleaning. But Kleenex is pretty good also.


Please do not take it as an insult asking a question about your credentials (I'm a foreigner who's English is not the first nor second language).

What is a "professional optics cleaner"?

My next question. I do not use the microfiber cloth, I only use the my Giotto blower and the brush side of my antic (20 years old) LensPen. Is there a difference?

I have noticed that not all coatings are equivalent. The coating on my L lenses feels different and there is lot less dirt on the front element of my L lenses than my other lenses.

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