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Yes, I print picture!!

I have been a full time photographer for more than 40 years!!!  I know the trend today, especially for wedding and portrait photographers is to just give the client files on a disc.  I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH MONEY IS LOST BY NOT SELLING PRINTS!  I don't mean going to SAMs or Walmart and printing and then putting the prints in a brown paper envelope!!

Example - Another photographer in my town does a wedding and sells his services for about $900 and then gives the files to the B&G on a disc, letting the B&G print their own pictures.  So if you did 50 weddings a year your GROSS income is $45,000.

Now I, on the other hand, requires an Album for $2700.  The album costs me, not including my time and expenses, on average costs me around $540 dollars.  I have a young lady in Kansas City, Mo that does all my album layouts for $190 per book.  I use the best quality album, not some cheap album or offset printed book.  Now my gross profit per wedding is $2160.  Now doing the same 50 albums a year my GROSS profit is $108,000 for exactly the same amount of work.

So for the same amount of work, what would you rather have, $45,000 or $108,000?

Has anyone wondered why most of today's photographers are part-timers, or soccer moms, or photographers going broke?

Today's photographers have cheapened their work to a point where their work is worth nothing.  What value does a file have?  It is easy to book quality sittings, especially when they see fine work framed on a wall or extremely well made and photographed wedding albums.

I photographed my first wedding for money in l970.  I have seen the trend from B&W to color, from medium format to 35mm now to digital, from manual flash to automatic flash.  Before digital, it was not uncommon to sell relatives as many prints as the B&G.

I live in a town of 6000 with 6 photographers.  I am the only one that still sells prints and have no problem booking sittings or weddings.

The best way to loose sales is to post sittings or weddings on the internet and then hope for an order.  You MUST bring your customers back into the shop and go over the pictures with some sort of program designed by each studio.  We set our sales previews up before the customer leaves the studio.  The digital age today is too impersonal.  This includes TEXTING!!  Noting is more impersonal that texting!


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