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Re: Hairy arms - Dust & Scratches

Sunshine, thanks. I will try this later as I have to get on with the retouching and printing as our mount person is in tomorrow and I have to get on!!! Thanks for your reply, I will be back!


Sunshine_boy wrote:

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Hairy arm

This is an interesting exercise since there is dark hair and light hair. You also need to avoid techniques that blur the whole skin area, unless you want that too. I would consider that as a separate exercise and concentrate on only the hair.

On a copy layer, use Filter/Noise/Dust & Scratches, blurring the min amount until hair just disappears. Then change the blend mode to 'Lighten', add black mask and paint on the mask with white over the areas with dark hair (avoid edges). Repeat the same but have it in darken mode, painting on the mask over the light hair.

Adjust the opacity of both new layers and add a little contrast or sharpening, just a touch. Flatten and use history brush to paint over any blurred edges or areas with no hair (in case you accidentally included them in the masks.

For better clarity, here is a crop comparison Before/After

I should have been a bit more 'decisive' with the light hair...

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