Hairy arms

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Re: Hairy arms

Thanks for your reply Allen. That is pretty impressive. I have never got into the plugin world. I just use ACR or LR4 and CS6. I have to work pretty fast on quite a few files, say 50 in a batch, but work on each individually. I guess that took you a bit of time. But it is interesting to see what can be done.


Allen Gerdes wrote:

Here is my try, using PSPX5 and Topaz Clean and the Degrunge preset, with some further adjustments. This left the skin too plastic looking, so I then duplicated the layer and ran the Topaz B/W Effects plugin and the Classic preset, then chose: 4 Finishing Touches/Film Grain and selected Kodak Pro x 125 and further adjusted the Grain Contrast to 1.25 and the Grain Size to 32.50 ( I had to experiment to get a size and contrast that looked somewhat natural in the final image). I set this layer blend mode to overlay and applied Effects/Texture Effects/Emboss. Next, to get the effect that I was after, I applied some very light gaussian blur and adjusted the layer opacity until the skin texture looked natural. Next, I used a soft, neutral gray paintbrush and painted out the texture texture everywhere but on the skin and even softened some areas of her chin. Once satisfied, flattened all layers. Here is the result:


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