18-55mm jumpy focusing

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Re: It' the IS!

OIS "ON or OFF" It's not working for me. Try to emulate this I would really like to hear your results.

Set to M - manual focus, AE - A to manual aperature, AE - S  to A (I do not think shutter speed has any influence, at least in my trials) Pull back your zoom to 18mm or use a prime. Now set aperature to f/8 to get a little depth of field as a guide for the test. Focus arbitrarly to 5' feet, press the shutter half way, mark where the red focus distance indicator is on the focus scale, Move the red focus indicator one step farther (toward infinity), a position just above the "F" of the f/stop read out, Half press the shutter again, release, did your red focus distance indicator spring back to 5' (one step)?

If not keep stepping forward and note your orientation to the "F". If your camera is like mine you will never leave 5', or just above the "F", until you move the focus two, three or more steps, OIS or not. That's my experience anyway. I would like to know if your camera is different from all of ours.

Here's my thread on the subject:


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