How many of you own RX1 and/or RX100 plus other cameras. Is RX1 or RX100 your "go to" camera now?

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Richard Spangler Contributing Member • Posts: 913
Re: Those who play together stay together

Thanks. I put a cheap screen protector on the RX100 and the Sony one on the RX1.

Recently I have been carrying the RX1 more to force me to really train my eye and it is helping.  If I go on vacation or something I will take  but for city walks the RX1 is perfect. I use the 50mm and 70mm since the lens and sensor have such high resolution.

I have a small Crumpler bag with strap that fits the RX1 perfectly and a Sony case with belt strap that fits the RX100 perfectly. I can throw an extra battery in the RX1 Crumpler bag.

At least for now means until the rx200 or rx2 come out lol but I'm pretty happy with them in their current states.  Hopefully we will see some FW updates to address a few minor quibbles people mention on here.

Len_Gee wrote:

Richard Spangler wrote:

At least for now

Hey Richard,

Nice pair of "go to" cameras.

Your RX1 looks good with the custom wrist strap and soft shutter release.

Other than the Franiac grip, anything else for your RX100?

Do you usually carry both at the same time when you're out shooting or decide beforehand which one to take?

How do you usually carry them? Camera case, camera bag, belt case, or just in pocket?

BTW what do you mean" at least for now" ?

Thanks for sharing.


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