My dream update for the V1...

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Re: My dream update for the V1...

noegd wrote:

I must admit that, after some use, I don't find having to go to the Menu to change PASM that much an annoyance, since the menu is pretty simple and clear (compared e.g. to the NEX menus), and I never intensively switch between modes during a shoot anyway. I am pretty much all the time in P, playing with the program shift button or the exposure compensation when needed, and only very rarely in A or M mode.

Since I almost always use ISO AUTO800 or AUTO3200, a direct access is not really a must to me either.

One thing I'd like direct access to is AF mode (MF, AF-A, AF-S or AF-C).

The biggest annoyance to me is the loose mode dial: you better check in which mode you are when taking the camera before you take a shot. A bit of gaffer tape locking the dial in still mode will do for me.

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I use gaffer tape to lock the dial and to secure the shoe cover.

My dream update in firmware for the V1 are related to using adapted lenses on the V1/V2.

1) Implement a "shoot without lens" option in the menu. This would allow a non chipped adapter to be mounted and allow aperture priority mode or metering in Manual mode.

2) Allow the zoomed viewfinder focus assist to be manually implemented.

3) Add focus peaking.

The ability to enlarge the view or to turn on/off focus peaking is an ideal use for the function button. I would use that more than choosing between the electronic and mechanical shutter.

4) Allow the user to change the function of the mode dial. I would like to assign all four positions to still photography. That is one way to correct for the modes I dont use and the dial being too easy to change position.

I have no problems using menus to choose the modes I never use.

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