Impressive Dynamic Colors (Superficial/Artificial) vs Washed Out Faded Colors (Originality/Natural)

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Re: You mean overprocessed garbage

And that's all well and good. As I have mentioned many times, there are some images I take artistic license with and others I don't. I'm not trying to get an exact anything. Obviously that is impossible. You're talking about a machine vs. a human element.

I was just under the impression that the OP was referring to the hugely over-processed type of photos. And yes some of them can look amazing if done with taste. But you do have others that one look and all you can say is, "Well that's a little over processed." But, to the person doing the over-processing it may look good to them. That's absolutely fine. I can't argue with person taste. I truly don't care what anyone does with their photos. I may find them interesting or I may not.

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