Buy A77 now or wait for A78

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Re: Buy A77 now or wait for A78

twolfwalker wrote:

My beloved Konica-Minolta 5D died on Christmas Eve. Fortunately I had taken most of the photos of my grandchildren before that unfortunate event. It is now time to move on. I have been eying the A77 since the first rumor of it and was ready to make the plunge.

But now I am seeing rumors of a new A78 coming out in the second half of the year. My though is this; if it reasonable to expect a new A78 to be available in a year I would purchase an A57 for now, wait for the new A78 and then pass on the A57 to my wife. However, if it is going to be a year and a half to two years before the A78 comes out I think I would go ahead and purchase the A77. Any constructive thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.

I can understand your love for the 5D, it was my favorite camera.  Yes, my A77 is better in many ways, but the photos taken with the 5D have a quality that is hard to match.  In you shoes, and having owned the 5D, A65, and A77, I would not rush out to buy the A77 just yet.  Here is what I would do.

I would  buy something used (and cheap), possibly even another 5D.  I would keep my "powder dry" and wait for the A78.   If the A78 addresses the A77 complaints, used prices on the A77 will tank.  If you buy it now, you will wish you had waited for the A78, and you will be faced with selling a relatively new A77  at a big loss -  or you will just have to keep it.

If the A78 turns out to be nothing more than a refresh of the A77 keeping the reputation for noise, flash issues, and other complaints, then you will have the option of buying the A77 at an even lower price, or you can pay a premium for a not so significant upgrade.

I just don't see much upside to buying an A77 right now.  It's a good camera, but not great!

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