Why Global Warming is a scam?

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Re: Why Global Warming is a scam?

Princess Leia wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

Princess Leia wrote:

because the main spokesperson of GW is a hypocrite!

Al Gore sold Current TV to Qatar which is an OIL country. Just watch how the liberals (finally doing their job) destroyed Al Gore's credibility!


and he gained a lot of weight! M

You blew your hypothesis in the second line princess. al Gore is not the Main spokesperson on GW. He is a rich person, who because of his fame has a voice. And he happens to believe what mst of the best scientists in the world have discovered. You on the other hand have only discovered what detractors who have their own agendas, have written on the web. Leave thes thing to people who know better that you princess.

Where have you been Jules? List another person that made hundreds of millions travelling around the world talking about the GW scam?

You started it!

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