OMD E-M5 Sensor cleaning

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Re: OMD E-M5 Sensor cleaning

I've never felt comfortable cleaning a Panasonic or Olympus m4/3ds sensor because of the SSWF that is in front of the sensor itself (you're not cleaning the sensor, you're cleaning the vibrating diaphragm in front of it.  Which is not rigid and not glass.

Note this is independent of sensor-based IS, which just adds a whole 'nother layer of "Nature says 'don't touch'" to the issue.

Thankfully, I've never (knock on wood) seen any dust/etc. on any of my m4/3rds sensors in over 50,000 shots on G1s, GH2s, GH3s, and E-M5.  So far.  It will happen though and when it does, back to the manufacturer for cleaning.  Just as both manufacturers recommend.

I wonder if your ritual of blowing out the sensor with air each time you change lenses is the cause, not the preventive, of your sensor dust/pollen?  Absent actually seeing dust on the sensor, it seems that blowing into the sensor well/cavity on the camera has a lot more likelyhood of stirring up dust from the inside of the camera and depositing it on the sensor than it does of blowing dust off the sensor.  The SSWF is really, really, good.  Trust it.

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