Zeikos 4.5x tele lens for G1X

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Re: Zeikos 4.5x tele lens for G1X

krugman wrote:


Sorry if I wasn't clear. I was questioning the decision to use an optical telecconverter. The purpose of an optical TC is to gain more magnification. I suggested that another, less bulky, way to gain the desired increase in magnification would be to use digital zoom, which works well on the G1X because of the superb image quality. A 1.5x digital zoom would give up to 168mm equivalent focal length.

What you are explaining, as I understand it, is gaining lots and lots of magnification by using an optical teleconverter plus digital zoom plus subsequent post processing cropping. This would make a tremendous increase in magnification possible, far beyond 168mm equivalent focal l was thinking of. As the image you posted suggests, wild life photography is one place where this procedure comes to mind.

In my earlier post I was thinking of travel photography, including details of buildings and monuments, and faces in the crowd, where zooming to a 168 mm equivalent focal length would be sufficient in most cases. I should have read the thread more closely to understand that the op meant to use the optical TC plus digital zoom to get a really large increase in magnification.

I have not tried the 1.9x digital zoom in the G1x so I can't comment on that.

Thanks for your post.


Hi Krugman,

thanks for taking the effort to state your point again. I agree with you, that lumping around a lot of gear is not a lot of fun and kind of counter productive to the idea of a "compact camera".  However, if you want the IQ and low light performance of a something like a G1X with more zoom reach, there are not too many options.  If the op (lemon Tree) finds that the 4.5x TC is worth buying, than it would mean you would get an optical reach of 504 mm, for that I would definitely carry some more gear!!!

It is quite funny, as you said "...I was thinking of travel photography...", which apparently for you means buildings, monuments etc., while if I talk about travel photography, I would be meaning Safari (Lions, Rinos etc.) or Jungle in Borneo (Orang Utans, birds or sankes), and underwater photogarphy - quite a different view!


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