Where to start from before printing?

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Re: Where to start from before printing?

Giovanni_1968 wrote:

Hello everybody,

I have this Epson 2100 sitting in the storage since a couple years, never used, cartridges need to be replaced (always kept in place), was thinking to give it a try but before all would like to learn about printing, paper, inks, techniques, need of a RIP software (using MAC osX here) and so on; mainly I shoot people and some rare landscape (you can see in my Flickr in the signature), if you could point me up to some sources for readingg and understanding I would appreciate.

thank you

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Giovanni - Fuji S5 and Panasonic L1 shooter

Well, you do good work!

You are entering a fascinating and at the same time, frustrating and initially expensive side to photography.

The only way to find out is to install your printer with a new set of inks, preferably OEM to start with and after everything is ready, you run a nozzle check to make sure, or see if you either have all your heed ( COLOR ) nozzles firing, of more likely, many nozzles will not be firing. Here is thid forum and other, you will find a wealth of information as to how to help revive an old printer and get it back to printing again. You can also find out printing theory as well as color handling which if you rewally want to exploit the printer, you really need to learn and become a master of.

MAC OS X is really tricky with Epson Drivers though many can successfully print through it, becuase they know where some of the settings are hidden, beginners are often dumbfounded.

If you could run a WIN OS in you MAC just for printing, life will be a lot easier.

Anyway, good luck in your new adventure and we are always here to help!


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