Are mirrorless cameras more prone to sensor dust?

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they should be LESS prone due to much less moving parts

Ralph46 wrote:


It seems to me that when you change lenses on a DSLR the mirror is always down and forms a barrier to dust and dirt getting to the sensor (and the focal plain shutter?).

On mirrorless cameras there is no mirror (obviously), so it would seem logical that the sensor is much more open to dust and dirt, especially since the shutter must be open at all times to allow live view off the sensor.

While I'm at it, another question, perhaps dumb. Is the lens always wide open for live view and stops down when I press the shutter release and the shutter first blocks off the light path to the sensor to then open for taking the picture? There doesn't seem a way to stop down the e-mount lenses to see the DOF like you can on most DSLRs.

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Interesting question.

Basically if you Google "dust" and various camera models, you'll see that a LOT of complaints pertain to DSLRs.

Now mind you, this could be due to their being more popular cameras, at least in the past (now their market share has been much reduced).  Or it could be that most DSLR users just have higher expectations and thus get more bothered by dust.

But now take one real example:  the D600.  Numerous threads about dust issues with the D600, including at DPreview, suggest that the movement of the mirror and shutter assembly, is generating a fair amount of dust in the form of particles coming of the moving parts.  By definition none of this will affect a mirrorless camera.

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