If not Aperture, then what are you using on your Mac?

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Re: If not Aperture, then what are you using on your Mac?

Alpha Doug wrote:

Except for cameras that must use digital lens corrections, and some cameras with odd sensor topology, I don't understand the issues with Aperture's RAW conversions. I do understand that NX2 picks up the "in-camera" settings

Doug, I understand what you are saying, but in my experience there is something better in the NX2 raw conversions that can not be attributed to simply applying the in-camera settings. I have spent years evaluating this always hoping to find some Apple or Adobe solution that works as well, but in the end it was just simpler to give in and use NX2.

If it were just the in-camera settings that caused NX2's apparent superiority, then setting all of these to neutral values in the camera should lead to a RAW file that looks just as good in NX2 and in ACR/Apple, but it doesn't. It is difficult to describe the differences, but it seems like there is actual detail or "texture" missing, or some might call it a "depth" or realness. Other call it acuity I believe. A certain sparkle is lost. It can not be reintroduced by any amount of post. It's like you can compensate for the loss by emphasizing other aspects of the image (such as sharpness), but you can never truly recover it.

At least that's my experience.

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