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Right... my obsession with OVF finders

The Lotus Eater wrote:

cgarrard wrote:

More like you keep making it up that I made it up, when I clearly stated it was a rumor. Are you obsessive compulsive? Might want to get that checked out!

"The specifications are indeed interesting and conceivable to me- yet despite the sources reputation, I always hold on things being fact till I see something in the flesh."

Okay, you made up the source, who made up a rumour - a rumour about a camera that suddenly changed spec in the space of 24 hours.

No I don't have OCD, although one might argue that you do, what with your obsession with OVF Alphas and all.

That's why I own an A57 with an EVF, because I'm obsessed with OVF's. And that I'll own the A58 when it comes out (if it does), which will have an EVF.

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