NEX6 with kitlens 16/50 *or* NEX6 house with SEL16F28 + WA converter?

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John Knuhtsen
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Re: NEX6 with kitlens 16/50 *or* NEX6 house with SEL16F28 + WA converter?

guermantes wrote:


I've been reading this forum for a month now, trying to familiarize myself with mirrorless cameras and I am getting very close to making my purchase. For someone taking the step up from point and shoot and who more or less has decided on the NEX6, what first lens should I go with? Is one of the options in the title more obvious/viable than the other?

  1. I am primarily interested in taking social photos of friends in various settings/light and architectural/religious buildings/landscapes when traveling.
  2. My first lens should be compact since I am going traveling soon.
  3. I read good and bad things about the 1650 but am unsure how it compares to the SEL16F28 (which is a prime lens, so it should be much better, right.) Perhaps I could trade the zoom factor of the 1659 for IQ in the SEL16F28 (+WAC). I saw someone posting photos here with the SEL16F28+WAC and that kind of watered my mouth as regards landscape/cityscape photos.
  4. I admit, I am ignorant about what it really means that the SEL16F28 starts at f2.8 and if that is considerably more desirable than f3

Hi guermantes !

Homework is important before buying.

1/2/3: The 16 mm IS a prime, but don't expect it is much better than the 1650. Mine is fair, but you will have better to stop it down at least to F/5.6. People critizises the 16 mm a lot. Maybe this is because they shoot raw. It has a lot of distortion (as has the 1650), but this is corrected in-camera for jpeg, if set in menu. I would recommend the 1650 if you go with one lens. But the 12 mm made by the 16mm F/2.8 lens and the ultra-wide adapter is very valuable too for buildings, churches and the like. It is hard to find any alternative to this with an obtainable price (the 10-18 zoom).

4: pick up a 50mm SLR lens with F/1.4 or F/1.8 somewhere secondhand and buy an adapter for it on That will give you a cheap manual lens with substantial bokeh for portraits. Thereby you will learn a lot about depth-of-field (set by low F-number). It is also a challenge to setup the nex for using it. Just search manual focusing and focus-peaking and legacy lens.

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