HVL-60M first impressions (after HVL-58AM)

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Re: HVL-60M first impressions (after HVL-58AM)

It is big and clumsy, and looks all wrong, but this is the price you pay for the capability. Whether it is acceptable depends on your attitude to such compromises. With any of the small lenses on, I tend to pick the assembly up by the flash rather than the camera, which weighs less than the flash. With a big lens I still handle it by the camera.

I tried a quick photo with my phone but the wide angle distortion gives a misleading impression. I found images with google.

When I was a working photographer I used Nikons with SB900 flashes. and became totally used to what big multi-featured flash guns can do. When I retired, I sold all my Nikon stuff to be small and portable. While small camera bodies can largely do what big camera bodies can do, small flashes can't do what big flashes do, so I had to accept the huge 58AM, even bigger than the SB900.

I am not going to post any photos partly because I am not comfortable putting images of family and friends on the net, and partly because there is nothing special about the 58AM or 60M compared to the equivalent Canon Nikon Metz products.

The critical factors for me are enough power to bounce off the ceiling or walls (flash often straight up or straight sideways) while simultaneously sending fill-in light forward via the bulit in bounce card, or stofen. I also use the capability of filling in bright sunlight at a reasonable distance, which lower powered flashes can't do.

The one feature of the Sony flashes which I really like compared to Nikon and Canon is the vertical swivel. You can switch between vertical and horizontal use much more easily.

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