D5200 vs D7000 at 6400 LR4/Topaz

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Reilly Diefenbach
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Re: D5200 vs D7000 at 6400 LR4/Topaz


Here is the raw I've been working on if anyone wants to take a crack at it.  Imaging Resource does a very nice job providing every possible ISO and in camera NR setting.


I've also put up Renato's suggestion (no NR using CNX2) on the Flickr set. It looks quite grainy, as you would expect.  The point of my post was to make the ISO 6400 pics look as good as possible using whatever it takes. So far, the CNX2 conversion set to Camera Neutral with no NR exported as tiff to LR then denoised with Topaz then bumped up back in LR is the best result I've gotten using that raw.  A lot of work, which is how I used to do it (to good effect) with the D7000.


The correct way to compare these unless you're doing it all yourself is to download the full size "original" jpgs from the Flickr site, which takes a number of clicks through to the selection of sizes to view, then compare them in ViewNX or other viewer at 100%

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