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Mike604 wrote:

Flash big or small. I have been contemplating the purchase of either the 270Ex@ or moving up to the 430EX2. Now my concern is, Canon will be announcing some new DSLR cameras and with the purchase of a flash, I would like to accomodate both my G15 and 70D-lets say-. Any regrets on going with the small flashguns? I want to go the 600EX-RT route but for now, that would be just to much on top of the G15. ANy thoughts. Back when I had my D90, It had it all built in for wireless flash trigger and the SB700 was a nice flash unit. Now that I am with the Canon side of things, I just don't want to purchase an under sized unit? Thoughts?Questions,Concerns? Let me know what you guys think!

When I got my 430ex II... I basically screamed in my head OMG HOLY MOTHER OF GOD JESUS HOLY CRAP OMG WOW WOW WOW WOW. The difference it made on my pictures.. omg, so unbelievable. But it's because I bounced the flash. Straight on... the only reason to get an external flash would be if you want to reach something farther away with direct flash. But that's kind of a silly reason to get one. MUST get 430ex II otherwise there is no point.

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