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t.c. marino wrote:

just realized that i have not printed a picture for any of my clients in at least 2 YEARS..i do a lot of paid gigs and hardly anyone wants prints..all they want is


For commercial client publication prints are not needed or hardly ever.

Let's see a few scenarios:

If I work for a client in the news or advertising business they do not want or need prints. All they need is the  digital files of a size suitable for the occasion. TIFF, PSD or in certain situations RAW camera files. Depends on the contract. By the way, even in film days we only supplied 4x5 or 120 size transparencies for quality publications. That was the "digital file" of those days.

In another scenario the client is a small business and they are in need of display prints for their office or a trade show. They may contract me to supply the artwork. I am a Graphic Artist - Photographer, majored in fine fine arts decades ago and have strong working knowledge of all aspects of printing. From wide carriage inkjet to offset printing. Therefore, I may print my own custom displays for office artwork and/or go through a commercial printer to supply trade show images of large sizes. Depends on quantity and quality considerations the solutions may vary.

For weddings and portraiture? I usually sign a contract for a mixed package. The majority of the images will be delivered on a disc. However, I do make it sure that a few large display prints are a part of the package. This is for two reasons. Firstly, it is a business consideration, prints are a part of the package and they yield extra profit. Secondly, nobody with a cheap printer and uncalibrated workflow can argue the quality of the digital files upon seeing what I can deliver when I print the images. Hence the unskilled factor of home brew "desktop artists" is curtailed, they do not stand a chance for arguing anything.

That said, indeed, in the wedding market everything changed. In some ways it is sad. The family keepsake albums for later generations is hardly there any more. I doubt that when great grandchildren will go through old family chests they will ever sort through thousands of digital images. Providing that those images will be compatible at all of hardware and software of the future.


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