Olympus are "stupid". Why make silver lenses?

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Re: Olympus are stupid. Why make silver lenses?

Learning in Progress wrote:

While I agree from a financial point of view that manufacturing a single color of lenses makes more sense. I would never say my silver 45 f1.8 looks bad with my E-M5, if anything, it gives it a style it doesn't have with the other lenses and yes I do like it. But more importantly, is the image quality and that meets my needs. I am not saying that they should go with some pink lenses in the future however, because then it might be a little too much.

But look at Canon and their better lenses, aren't they white ? Well, I think that is what Olympus means to do, many of those silver lenses are top quality lenses.

That is quite a good point actually. Never been bugged about those white L lenses.

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