Exposure control in a raw developer: misnomer?

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Great Bustard wrote:

Leonard Migliore wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

richarddd wrote:

I'll ask you the same question as above, "Do you believe anyone is confused by a slider called exposure (or, at least, anyone who is not being willful)?"

If you asked people what the exposure slider does, what do you think they'd say?

What I say is that it makes the picture lighter. Some other sliders make the picture lighter too, only different. I push them all around until I like the way the picture looks.

Lighter or darker.

And, to be sure, for most people, "exposure" or "brightness" -- who cares? A rose by any other name, eh?

However, if it's all the same, then, why not use the proper term to describe what something does?

What proper term do you think they should use?

I explained earlier why "brightness" would be confusing.  "Exposure" is not confusing in this context. The goal is to communicate and "exposure" communicates clearly and effectively.

Any you still haven't answered the question.

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