Nikon V1 users, please.

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Re: Nikon V1 users, please.

These images also show the infamous "green cast" of the V1

Kiet_Hang wrote:

Here are a few shots for comparison. you can see the exif for info on camera and settings..

click on image and view at 1:1 for full res image.. These are straight out of camera with no processing done to them.

Note: I used custom WB on both cameras with WB capture from the same source. However, the Nikon camera colors are much more accurate as the walls in the background are that sage green color in the Nikon image and not that brown color from the E-PL1 image. Color Accuracy goes to Nikon 100%. However, if you look at noise, the background of the Nikon images are much noisier than the E-PL1. So, its up to you to choose the lesser of two evils.

If you like, I can also make a video to show the difference in AF performance of the cameras.

iso 100

iso 200

iso 400

iso 800


iso 3200

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I am not a brand loyalist, I can take equally bad pictures with any brand...

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