Are you thinking about selling your D600 and try from a new lot?

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Nikon does not take the issue that seriously.

So nothing will change. As long as some are lucky to get a clean D600, they will ignore and deny there is a problem.

To solve the issue, I'm sure some design changes are neccessary. It looks like the current design doesn't correspond with the production variance of the mechanical components. Most likely, this is a price related issue to make a FF DSLR at a cost no other manufacturer wants to or can deliver. Ultimately, Nikon tried to gain a bigger market share from enthousiast FF users, while temporarily offering an alternative to a lack of a D700 successor and those on the edge of pro Dx and a proper Fx.Unfortunately, they will only lose market share.

The loss of the market share will not be a temporary effect. If I spend 1900 euro on a camera that comes without any serious attempt of the producer to make it work properly or to compensate the failure, this experience will not simply blow away with the winds. At the minimum, it will delay my purchase for more than a year if a new model arrives. Given that Nikon will keep on manufacturing this D600 for about three years at least (rough guess), I will not be spending any money on Nikon the next four years. I'm not going to be without a camera for four years, so it's likely that I will go to another side.

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