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nfpotter wrote:

Get the D7000. The D90's a great camera, but the D7000 is better on every single front.


I use a D90 and have just recently acquired the D7000. But I wouldn't say the D7000 is better on all fronts. The one area that I feel the D90 is superior is in its responsiveness. I find things such as file playback, zooming, scrolling etc to be better on the D90. At times the D7000 can appear to be "making up its mind" as to whether or not it will respond to a button push.

The D7000 files also have a different look to the D90 files. That's not to say the D7000 look is bad, it's just that I'm still used to working with the D90 files and know how to extract the most out of them in Lightroom. A matter of time I guess.

The smaller size of the D90 files can also be viewed as a positive with respect to storage space and speed of processing. This can be an advantage depending on how many shots you take and, ultimately, your output use. I don't see any resolution benefit at the size I typically print at (8x10, 8x12).

Best of luck!

Ok, first, you're new.

Hi. Well, maybe, maybe not. I've been a member of this site since the Nikon D90 came out. I was, however, absent for a while and managed to forget my login details and thus had to get a new registration.

Next. "Responsiveness". Even if it was true (remember, you're looking at bigger files on the D7K), who cares? Are you judging a camera by its playback abilities?

Probably just me but the above statement seems to contradict itself: at first doubting the veracity of what I say and then giving justification as to why the D7000 may not be as responsive as the D90. And yes, I care about the responsiveness  of a camera, including the speed at which it displays an image after it has been taken and the general speed at which it responds to control commands. I had both the Fuji X100 and the XPro1 and prior to various firmware updates they were excruciatingly slow to display images after they were taken.

Most professional photographers (I am an ex wedding photographer) do place enormous value on how responsive a camera is. As the saying goes: time is money!

Next. The "look" will be true of all cameras, speaking generally. You make the look in PP, it's not the camera. Also, not everyone uses Lightroom, like me. I don't.

I have noticed the "look" of Nikon DSLR files has changed over time, and whilst it is very subjective, I'm not convinced that all changes have been for the better. Having said that, I am getting used to the look of the D7000 files. Love the extra dynamic range.

My experience has been that it is NOT all about post processing. There is a very real difference between my D80, D700, XPro1, X100, D90, D7000 etc files that no PP can totally overcome.

Your choice of  photo software is, naturally, your choice. I don't see the relevance of your statement with regards to my use of  Lightroom.

Next. Storage space should be the last of your worries. This is 2013, storage is cheap. And as to resolution, more is always better. Period.

In case you misread my statement I said "The smaller size of the D90 files CAN also be viewed as a positive with respect to storage space and speed of processing." Please note the use of the word "CAN". If you choose to see larger files that fill up hard drives quicker and take longer to process (RAW) as a positive then so be it. I have a different point of view, and that's why I have absolutely no interest in cameras such as the D600 or D800. The larger files would be of no benefit to me what so ever, quite the opposite.

More resolution ended up showing me that some of my lenses weren't as good as I first thought they were. Luckily I rarely print over 8x10.

Hope I've cleared a few things up for you.

Indeed you did!

Happy shooting!

Thank you! Same to you!

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