The P&S camera market is dead.

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Re: The P&S camera market is dead.

I reckon the marketing for cameras as well as some of the R&D is wrong.

You have Android cameras that can do everything a phone camera can do, except make phone calls.

Yeah the images are porbalby maringally better and you may get zoom, but basically you have a phone size (or worse slightly bigger) device that can do everything a phone can do ecept make calls.

Why would I carry that?

Then you get all the built in wifi , GPS/Geotagging, easy upload etc.

They are all good and useful features.

But it doesn't sem like great marketing to em to say "look, we can do what a phone could do 2 years ago (although we can't do then quite as well)"

I.e. the camera companies are emphaising features which are the same as the phones have and they are only doing it belatedly.

Instead the P&S marketing should empahsise what a P&S can't do, or can't do well?

E.g. comparisons between focus and blurry images.

Comparisons between a phone photo and a P&S camera taken in a not very bright bar, or a birthday party when the candles are being blown out.

I.e. they should emphasise what they do do well, not what they are only jst catching up on.

Although they do need to have caught up and have the wifi, bluetooth etc working and working well.

In other words I reckon there marketing should be less about their products and more about educating their market.  They have to make the market want the image that the camera can produce and the phone can not.

And maybe make the people in the market feel a little superior for knowing the difference.

Once the market knows the difference there is a much higher chance that they will buy the product that can achieve the image they want.

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