Set Picture Control?

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Re: Set Picture Control?

Picture Controls as Nikon calls them, as well as identically functioning settings on Canon, etc, in summary:

  • If shooting in JPEG mode, irreversibly change the tone curve that is applied to the image sensor data to arrive at the final image. You may notice a monochrome Picture Control which obviously is the most extreme example yielding a black & white image. So the effect can be subtle or dramatic. Try it and see.
  • If shooting in RAW mode, and converting using the manufacturer supplied software (e.g. Capture NX for Nikon), do the same as above but you can change the Picture Control applied to the image after the fact with no penalty.
  • If shooting in RAW and converting with a 3rd party converter e.g. Lightroom, Camera Raw, Aperture etc, have no effect on the final image produced.
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