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Re: Get off the RX1's back

Hughesnet wrote:

Nothing you listed gives you any basis or authority when it comes to having any idea when it comes to FF camera and lens prices. You listed your camera education which has no basis on the pricing. You mentioned how long you have been into photography...and then listed the a55 and a65 as your cameras. Which granted arent bad but hardly any indication that you have any idea what you are talking about in regards to the full frame market.

I listed my cameras and experience as a response to this comment by the OP.

"I think its just envy, mainly from RX100 owners who think their camera will perform almost as we'll for 25% of the price. Well let me tell you if you think that you know very little about photography."

I know plenty about photography having started in the days when everything was done manually without the crutches digital affords.

Buy any full frame body. Now buy any full frame prime 35mm prime by Zeiss of this quality. OK, now what was the cheapest retial price you managed to do that for without going used? Was it more or less then the RX1? I rest my case.

I don't know if you realize it but 35mm film is FF. I shot 35mm for 35 years before switching to digital 10 years ago. I am fully aware of the slight improvement in IQ FF affords over APS-C, especially at high IQ. All in all IMO the tiny advantage that FF gives is simply not worth the money in most cases but when you consider that it is possible to buy a Nikon D600 equipped with a lens comparable to the one on the RX1 for barely more money it is plain to see the camera is over priced. If you have a lot of money and can afford it fine for you but to pay $2800 for a fixed lens camera with no eye level viewfinder and CD auto focus makes this a niche camera for people of means and is not a good deal.

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