Exposure control in a raw developer: misnomer?

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Re: Density of light

Joofa wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Not the point. You are putting about you that people are using ill defined concepts, then you come up with the extraordinary claim that we don't see photons. Clearly, we do under any normal definition of 'see'. Of course, we can dig beneath those ordinary definitions and claim that we don't actually 'see' the photons, but the effect (electronic or electrochemical) of them, and even then we don't 'see' that, what we 'see' is a pattern of neurons firing, and of course whet is the process of 'seeing' in any case, except just a repeatable patter of neuron activity. It's always possible to deconstruct a sensible statement to make it a nonsense. Whether it is actually useful is another question.

Listen Bob, I'm pretty sure that you understood what I meant by "see". I know you like to play with words.

You missed the point again. Who is the 'player with words' in the exchanges above? Not me and not GB. Who was the 'player with words' in the long exchange that DM unearthed between your good self and Emil Martinec. Not Emil.

And returning to what you think GB can and can't do, you say

Great Bustard needs to understand that if two image areas seem to show equal numbers, then, a wide variety of input "exposure as in photons" could have generated them.

Of course this is true, but utterly irrelevant. Certainly, the same configuration of pixel (apparent) photon counts could be generated by many different stimuli, representing many different actualities of scene. An of course, were you to photograph exactly the same scene with exactly the same camera and lens using exactly the same exposure settings each time would produce a different result on a 'pixel' level. That need not stop us saying that the same scene photographed with the same camera and lens at the same exposure settings will produce the same result - at least at any level of abstraction relevant to photography.

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