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Re: THANKS to ANTIgunners............


Slider44 wrote:

Second, mental health issues must be addressed, and addressed NOW. All of these recent crimes involved men with mental health issues. We can no longer allow those with severe mental health issues to live within a civilized community, especially if their illnesses poses a threat to other human life.

I have never been a fan of the "de-institutionalization" which took place in the 1980's on this both the USA and Canada. That was definitely not a smart move in my opinion.

However, your idea of not allowing those with severe mental illness to live within a civilized based upon a very limited knowledge and truly sends the wrong message.

Because, most people with severe mental illness are NO danger or threat at all to society.

In reality, it's only the "psychopathic" narcissistic personality types...that actually commit heinous crimes....whether that be to humans or animals.

The vast majority of schizophrenics (for example) never commit violent crimes...the same applies to people with bi-polar disorder, and other "severe" classes of mental illness.

You see, that's just cannot simply lump all severe mental-illness into the SAME category....and to penalize the 99.8% of folks.....simply because that 0.2% will commit acts of violence....simply isn't fair nor morally right.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to make sweeping generalizations about such illness...and that, itself, makes the entire scenario...all the more complex to deal with.


"No problem can be solved at the level of consciousness which created it" - Albert Einstein


I am truly sorry if I insinuated the above, as that would indeed be unfair to those who do not pose a threat to others.  What I meant to say, was that those diagnosed with severe mental illnesses "that potentially pose a threat to other human beings", should be institutionalized.

I apologize to anyone who may have interpreted my comments as inappropriate.


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