Zeikos 4.5x tele lens for G1X

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Re: Zeikos 4.5x tele lens for G1X

Rod McD wrote:

Hi Lars,

I read your earlier post about the TC with interest. Your results were impressive I thought, although I'd have to say that the TC is rather large. However, at the time, I couldn't find a source to get any info about Siocore products. (I've found them since, but the detail is in German - I suspect they're marketed in Europe only. (I'm in Australia).

Have you ever tried their 0.6 or 0.7 WA converters - they make a 58mm model?

Thx, Rod

Hi Rod,

no, unfortunately I have not tried their wide angle converter. However, as long as you go with their high quality products (HD 0.6x, not the standard 0.7x) I would feel comfortable to recommend them.  The TC and the WA are both 58mm.  Siocore claims for the WA that it is "through zoomable" (directly translated from German), I am not sure if that means that you would not have vignetting (well, I guess for a WA that makes sense...). It comes with a 15 years warranty and is made of a titanium-aluminium alloy.


As you said, the TC is quite large and I did not want to add more luggage by using also a wide angle converter.  With the TC I am using a Lowepro bag (Lens case 9x13 cm) which fits just right (not too big or small), so that I have the G1X on the right side of my belt and the TC on the left side. I works really good for hiking and even a little climbing.

Unfortunately I don't know if they deliver to Australia or other "remote" locations (e.g. US). I will check with them and report back.


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