Dynamic Range Really isn't as important as you are lead to believe.

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Re: need DR

Abrak wrote:

To argue that we generally dont make use of the DR of our cameras probably reflects the fact that you live somewhere very dull like the UK.

I live in Asia, have an OMD and set it to show the orange and blue blinkies when highlights and shadows are being clipped. During the middle of the day you typically encounter shots where 'both' the highlights and shadows are being clipped at the same time (and where greater DR would be useful). In fact typically during the day I have to set the EV compensation to -0.7 to -1.0 to prevent highlights from clipping (at the expense of shadows.)

Below are just 2 examples (jpeg from unprocessed LR RAW). More extreme examples dont make it into my camera or PC.

Highlight clipping, shadow RGB channels below 5%

Highlight clipping, shadow RGB channels below 5%

Both images however illustrate the point that there is FAR MORE to a good image than techno babble about the tool used to get it!

My brain says "Nice thoughtful and colourful image of a woman in the market - well caught." not "What a useless guy - he did not get all the shadow or highlight detail! How hopeless is that?! His camera must be rubbish."

Sometimes in image making there just isn't time to care about this stuff. If anyone thinks HC-B ran about filling his head with  the minutiae of detail of how film worked on a molecular level I think they would be so far off base as to not be on the same planet.

Take photos. It's art, people!! Capture the moment and all that.

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