Sony Nex7 vs OMD vs Xe1 - My choice

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Re: Sony Nex7 vs OMD vs Xe1 - My choice

57even wrote:

John Bean (UK) wrote:

57even wrote:

Of course, saying anything bad about the EM5 on a Fuji forum is not allowed

As is saying anything good about it. Please desist; discussion of the E-M5 in isolation is not appropriate in this forum.

Seems entirely in keeping with the OP, considering that people are likely to know what reasons the OP had for the decision and those side threads are likely to develop.

I don't see anywhere in the forum rules where we can't discuss the pros and cons of immediate and obvious rival cameras.

Could you please clarify exactly what we are and are not allowed to say on this forum, John?

The rules seem to change depend on which forum you post on these days.

The rules do not change but are open to some interpretation by moderators, some of whom will interpret some rules more or less strictly than others and compared with a different moderator on another forum.

I wasn't being heavy-handed in this thread, neither was I attempting to prevent comparisons between Fuji and other cameras, but I did request that further discussion of another camera (the E-M5 in this case) in isolation should not continue as it is stretching topicality a bit too far for this forum.

Had I decided to use any active moderation (I haven't so far) this discussion would not be taking place

Hope that helps, but let me also remind you that discussion of moderation (in general) is OT on all but the Open Talk forum and discussion of any specific moderation action is forbidden in any public forum on DPR, so if my explanation is not satisfactory please take this to PM or use the feedback system to contact DPR staff about it. Please do not discuss this further here.

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