The problem with E-PLx and E-PMx

Started Feb 1, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: The problem with E-PLx and E-PMx

Hi sderdiarian

I discovered the SCP on the first day I used the camera and yes it is very quick but nothing beats the thumb and forefinger operation of the E-M5. Still don't like the ergonomics of a touch screen - much like having one on your desktop computer - difficult and unnatural operating on it in the vertical plane whereas on a smartphone or tablet it is usually horizontal or at least where your hand falls naturally palm down like on a keyboard. I suppose operating the tilt screen on an E-PL5 would be more natural when swung out horizontally but still not right for me.

Anyway, the lens I was talking about was the pancake zoom G X 14-42 with the motorized zoom controls.

Not knocking the E-PL5 but just want some good old mechanical manual controls.


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