for handheld video and long lens shooting, GH3 or EM5?

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Re: for handheld video and long lens shooting, GH3 or EM5?

Another few thoughts to add ... from life ... and from experience using MY 100-300mm Panny zoom.  First is both the lens's zoom and focus rings do not operate smoothly.  I believe it's due to plastic to plastic friction surfaces.  For video this would be a significant factor trying to achieve professional quality.  I have seen mixed comments in the forum regarding this sticky-ness with some saying it's no problem for the lens they have experience with.  Even for stills, for me, it's been a major gripe when attempting to achieve fine manual focus after doing a "almost got it" autofocus lock.  And it's only when you actually use the lens rings that it becomes apparent meaning if you just pick-up the lens and twist the rings they SEEM to feel OK.

I just got a power zoom 45-175mm Panny lens for the GH3 to use with the WiFi remote control feature.  Power zoom is MUCH smoother and IMHO would be the way to go for video ... BUT ... being on a "still camera" it looks like it's going to be rather awkward to use.

On a camcorder which is designed for video zoom buttons are placed for easy use and offer speed variations depending on how firmly they're pressed.  With no experience using the 43-175mm for video I cannot say how it will perform.  I'm pretty sure though it will be a much more practical telephoto lens on the GH3 for occasional video shooting.

OP - You seem to be really "into" the gear.  My opinion is while the specs of our fancy video capable STILL CAMERAS are impressive the practicality of using them for everyday memory saving is restrictive.  I think you'd do much better buying a small camcorder for a few hundred bucks.  Once you get used to using a small convenient camcorder you will be able to LIVE in the moments of memories you anticipate saving ... instead of having your head stuck in a bag of fancy camera gear.  Think about it!  Disconnect yourself from your want of toys and consider smiles that are so important when they come as you participate in activities rather than being the detached dial diddling recorder of them.


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